Sitemap - 2023 - Edward M. Druce

Seymour Hersh on editors

Digest 32: ‘Fuck Peloton’

Letter to the editor: Why has The Spectator’s coverage of Ukraine this year been so conventional?

Digest 31: Zelensky’s closest advisor: Boris said ‘let’s just fight’

Digest 30: Let’s *not* send a generation of Ukrainian women to the slaughter

Digest 29: Vulnerable America

Putin wants to negotiate (strong video evidence)

Putin is mafia, but we should learn from diplomatic attempts with him

Digest 28: Sense of the past 8 days. What happens next.

Digest 27: Attack on Israel; Putin wants to negotiate (which we’re never told about); Marc Andreessen on what it’s like to become a billionaire

Digest 26: More deaths than Vietnam; negotiating momentum; pragmatic Germany?

Digest 25: Victoria Nuland’s leaked recording; Dom’s Startup Party; U.S. = ‘third world country’

Digest 24: Project 2025; Breaking History; McFaul’s worldview

Breaking History – highlights from Jared Kushner’s White House memoir

Digest 23: RFK Jr as Trump’s running mate?; Elon reading Destined for War; Viktor Orbán = sensible

Video: The UK could play an instrumental role in bringing a peaceful resolution to Ukraine

Video version of Digest 22 – now live on Twitter

Digest 22: Biden speaking sense; running out of ammo; receiving ‘top secret’ clearance

Part two: lessons from George Marshall and The China Mission

Two videos

Digest 21: Brave Jeffrey Sachs; firing 21 MPs; Dalio on Treasuries

George Marshall as Secretary of State – what we can learn

Diary of a No. 10 misfit

Digest 20: Is PM Rishi being red teamed on Ukraine? 11 questions to ask...

7 lessons from Vietnam to Ukraine: political decision-making highlighted in Ken Burns’s 18-hour documentary

Digest 19: Sabotaging peace talks; Druckermiller’s tsunami warning; Robert Caro on semicolons

Digest 18: an American Foreign Legion?; listening to BRICS; success of non-proliferation

Digest 17: Is Trump talking sense?; Sam Altman’s side hustle; how good Rishi is

Digest 16: Richard Haass on Ukraine; why Japan’s high debt isn’t a good counter to de-dollarisation; ‘Jacksonian attitude’ of extreme retaliation

Digest 15: Conflict tracker, trophy hunting, stock-based comp

Why I think it’s time to start getting your money out of the financial system

Digest 14: Why are Sam Altman and Elon not talking?; Balaji and U.S. hyperinflation; George Kennan and Ukraine

Digest 13: provoked or unprovoked; domino theory; attempts at peace

Digest 12: Leopard tanks; Nord Stream culprit; strategic naivety

Digest 11: Does the Prime Minister know more about the state of the world than a hedge fund manager? Infrastructure done in a democracy. Elon Musk’s family office

Digest 10: a tiny ripple of hope; why ‘expected value’ isn’t always a good argument; 1968: the year that shaped a generation

Ambitious person: all the ways you could orient your life